As I unpack my suitcase of my life’s journey I realized mine is empty, my soul has been draining and as i walked my path. The load has become heavy but my vessel has been emptied. Where have I lost me, why am I so lonely yet I’m surrounded by people.

I sat down in dispare and cried out to the universe for answers, what has happened why is this so hard why can’t i move forward and why am I so empty?

Then just like a whisper the voices in my head answered (well not quite voices but a text message from someone) let go of the past, why are you holding on to your hurt? My reply was simple but I forgave those that hurt me, I took responsibility for what I have done. Her reply was no you haven’t let go. You living a life of hurt and pain filled with guilt.

Then after our conversation I looked back and saw parts of me in every painful life journey holding on to what was good, sadden by the fact I tried but things never worked out, filled with guilt because I was set on a life journey and I strayed from the path and got lost along the way.

I cant go back and pick up the pieces but I can break the mental chains I’ve placed around my life and my life will become hole again. As I break each chain the load become less I feel those gaps filling up and yes the scare is there the healing will be greater.

We all carry various baggage around and mentally tie ourselves down to our past. Just as the advice given to me today I tell you as you journey on your path, forgive yourself and release yourself the chains will break and the road ahead will become easier.

My life journey is taking a different turn, I’m sharing parts of life I’ve kept to myself although not everything. but as we journey together we will grow to know each other and we all will find our own truth.