Welcome into my life and it’s great to have made your acquaintance. Stay for awhile or a life time. I will be honored to have you in my life and I hope I can be a great positive influence in your life or you in mine.

That’s how with all good intentions subconsciously we meet certain people in our lives, everyone that part of your life is there because of an invitation we have sent out to them to enter our lives. Just as we invite people into our homes some are welcomed and some are merely an inconvenience and there on others request. So we are not rude or do not want to be that person by showing them we do not want them there.

Over my life I allowed many guest into my world some over stayed their welcome , which I must point out I allowed because lets be real we allow people into our lives we have the choice to ask them to leave or just not invite them in in the first place. However over the years these unwanted guest have taught me a lesson and that no matter who enters your life, those people are there to serve a particular purpose and role in our lives. Before the where unwanted they brought some joy or relief to a situation at the moment we invited them in.

So before you tell people to leave, who have over stayed their welcome, do a audit of your life and clear out all the unwanted guest, it will be the most liberating event you can do for yourself. Know your own truth.