My dearest Angel; I’m writing you letter to explain why I was so distant. I know its not an in-depth explanation but I know you will understand the words.

No words can fill the void that has been created, nothing I do right now will take away the pain of not spending time together. Its been close to four years that we last had a daddy – daughter day, and it feels like forever since I’ve heard your voice, even though it was just a few weeks ago we spoke on your birthday.

I don’t usually regret things I do however this time I do regret the day I allowed your mother to take control over my life when she stopped me from seen you regularly. Although she moved on with her life I chose not to, because I didn’t want to  you see me with another women, your young mind could not be hurt so much as it already was. I know you hurting that we are apart because every thought of us not bonding hurts me. I regret the day I allowed that to consume me, I regret not making an extra effort back then.

I moved away because I thought it will make things easier or change her hate towards me but it still it made no difference, even after my return and apologizing for what I did or do not do it made no difference. In her eyes I’m  in the wrong and yes there are moments I was but us not been a complete family was not my choice.

At least when I was 1250 km away we spoke regularly but now the phone don’t get answered and when it do I usually receive a text message filled with insults and ridicule. When asked if I can just spend one day with you the answer is no.

I pray that one day soon we will be connect again and spend precious moments together, but today I’m writing you this letter to let you know that no matter what happens I will always and have always loved you.

Love Dad:

So many dads out there feel the exact same today and yes moms there are many that just don’t care. To the dads out there I encourage you not to do what i done and remain quite because I lost precious moments I only got the past to cherish and yes she’s only 10 but, but it’s 4 yrs out of the 10 I lost that over 1460 days of memories and moments I lost because of my ego.

Find the truth behind every situation and find out how you can do different. To the dads that are in their kids lives but to busy with work and other commitments, take some time out and appreciate your kids. Life can’t be holding you that busy and if it’s work taking you away from your family, the answer is simple CHANGE YOUR OCCUPATION, no boss is worth living with a life feeling like a stranger in your children’s eyes.

Mothers if the dad is making an effort to change cut him some slack.

Have a blessed day everyone.