It took me a few months before starting to date again but I figured it was about time I give it ago. What can go wrong we hit it off a few times and had great conversations. So I was set for this evening.

Everything was set I purchased all the correct ingredients, even got the wine to be at the perfect room temperature and remembered what kind she enjoy best. Now to start with the main course.

Everything went perfect until I tasted the dish, to my horror I had a touch to much of one of the spices and immediately went into a bit of a panic, “How can I spoil chicken curry?” I asked myself. No time for a recovery and just as I thought it could not get any worse, the intercom rang she was here. I sank in horror was it that time already nope she was early I should’ve know because she’s always punctual one of the character traits I love of her. Slowly I open the door and as we embrace she says “that smell great” and me with humour responds “well at least I got the smell right”. She rolls up her selves and take a few spices from the rack and just like that it brings about a totally different aroma and flavour. evening saved. The relationship well we decided to become friends and still on occasion tell the story of how two people can save a pot of curry.

That’s how life is full of surprises and throughout my life I have met various people who either complimented me perfectly or just spoiled everything.

We meet different people with different flavors but they all add to this wonderful concept called life. At times you just need the correct ingredients and other times you nearly spoil everything you build over a period of time but adjustments can be made and everything will work out perfectly.

Choose everyone you want in your life correctly and you will be set for a close to perfect life.