As I look across the rooms of my life I see layers of baggage brought about from the past. The load just seem too much to carry and as I walk closer I see them labelled; with dates, time and events. All neatly categorized in the comforts of my mind.

These are the moments when I broke down or thought life was just too much to carry on. There are also those moments of great joy and success, but these are so far down the fear kicks in that make me realize that if I do not start removing the heavy burdens I’ve place on myself they will be lost forever. How could I’ve allowed this to happen? And why did I allow myself to be burdened with every day’s events?

I slow start from the top of the pile in the category of lost love; working through each painful memory I realized this is the reason why I’ve lost my confidence in starting relationships. Then all those memories, the hurt the pain all swoop back into my mind how could this have happened to me I ask myself. How can I release myself from the pain slowly I release that if I do not release myself the bad moments I can’t move on with my life. As much as it hurts me I unpack the layers of hurt and discard it forever, forgiving the individuals that caused the pain more importantly myself. The mental box gets empty and the category automatically changes to moments spent in love. When we release ourselves from the pain caused in our lives the layers of baggage we carry around becomes less.

So slowly I move through each layer of my life and clear the space in my mind for easier and better memories of each event in my life. The baggage was not so difficult to get rid of.

We all carry around different layers of baggage as well as fond memories; it’s all up to you of which layer you want to carry around for the rest of your life.