They say a picture say a thousand words. Just as a picture capture every moment of our lives so can we capture moments in our lives through our souls. Every thought, smell or emotional journey is captured by our mind.

Just as modern day photography can be edited , photo-shopped and even deleted our thoughts memories and even most fearsome moments can be erased by a simple gesture or turn of events.

I find myself everyday looking back at the hurt and pain I experienced and compare it to what I have experienced.

The hurt I occurred was sometimes of my own doing. I allowed those events to take place, but at the moment of anger I blamed someone else. That was such a good relief to put the blame on someone else but how could I blame the same person when I experienced the same event again. I had to take that photo out again and re-look at it in every detail. To my surprise I saw the entire story replay over gain, the anger came back and the event was as if it just occurred. My mind was filled with every scenario that could have triggered the pain and still I tried blaming the other person. Until I done something remarkable; I stepped out the frame and saw it through a different lens.

That moment I started changing the events that took place I realised I was just as to blame as the person I accused. I started taking responsibility and slowly amended each part of my life and the healing started. The pain disappeared and the burden became lighter. Yes the pain is still there at times but everyday is a step closer to becoming whole again.

I no longer see the person as the cause of my pain but the liberator of my soul.

Take every moment of your life and just like me once you analyse the picture you will find that the truth will be revealed. Accept the responsibility of your actions and release the other party. Start a daily routine of asking forgiveness of yourself and those that offended you. There is a old saying “never go sleep angry” which is so true as the burden will continue and in time hurt you so much that your life picture wont be able to be amended.

Create the pictures of your life that you will cherish without any editing required.

Know For Yourself – Find Your Own Truth